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What's new in Svelte: January 2021

A Svelte-packed showcase to kick-off the new year!

Happy new year from Svelte! In the last month we made progress on Sapper's upcoming release, fine-tuned our SvelteComponent typings, and have seen some amazing apps, sites, and libraries coming out in the showcase.

What's changed in Svelte?

A new minor release replaces the SvelteComponent class with a SvelteComponentTyped class. This renaming should help with backwards compatibility. We've updated last month's blog post to avoid any confusion with the name change.

If you're using SvelteComponent or the new SvelteComponentTyped in your project or library, let us know what you're using it for and we'll add it to the showcase!

What's going on in Sapper?

More quality of life features are landing in the upcoming release every day. 0.29.0 will include new TypeScript definitions, fixes to scroll tracking and prefetching behavior, and improvements to the runtime router to support encoded query parameters.

If you're upgrading from 0.28.x, check out the migration guide for steps on updating to Sapper 0.29.

Is SvelteKit ready yet?

To avoid too much churn during development, SvelteKit is still being worked on in a private repo. There will be an announcement on the Discord, blog and Twitter when it's ready for a larger group of users and contributors.

In the meantime, you can explore the current build by running npm init svelte@next from your command line.

As cautioned in What's the deal with SvelteKit?, there are no docs or support available yet... So use at your own risk / for your own enjoyment!

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites

  • is a background sound / pomodoro timer for focus and relaxation
  • Answer Socrates helps you find trending questions on the internet so that you can write the most relevant blog post, tweet, or billboard
  • multris is a multiplayer Tetris game. You can read about its development here
  • weather-ab compares the archive of weather in different cities of the world. Indispensable for people thinking about migration
  • Game Nibs is a platform for gamers to find and share concise bite-sized bits of gaming advice, tips, tricks, screenshots, builds, and much more
  • Ora is an open source website tracking and limiting tool for Chrome and Firefox
  • vscode-dms is a group direct messaging chat app for VSCode
  • Zero.2 is a math-based challenge game where you try to get to zero as quickly as possible
  • Octave Compass is a chord table and scale explorer for many popular musical scales
  • Infinite Walking Bass Generator 2 is an online music player that generates a unique walking bass line
  • ListenAddict is a site that notifies you whenever a person has a new talk/interview on podcast

Demos, Libraries & Components

Have a component you'd like to share? Submit your own component to the list of packages on the Svelte Society site.

Learning Resources

Related Projects

See you next month!

Want to add your work to the Showcase? Want to contribute to Svelte? Check out the Svelte Society, Reddit and Discord to get involved!